Food for thought monday march 22nd

It is a new week. Did you enjoy your food last week? Did you eat to fuel yourself, out of boredom or other emotions, for social reasons? My week was a mix. I ate mostly healthy, but my nephew was here for a sleepover so we had some potato chips/crisps and a mini magnum (icecream) for dessert. Earlier that week my husband wanted to have some toast and cheese as a snack, so I had those too. One the plusside: I can control my portions better. The chips did not taste like they used too and so I did not feel like eating lots of it. I notice that the way I am eating nowadays (cleaner) is changing my tastebuds, which is very helpfull.

So, my question for today is: how good are you at listening to your body when it comes to food? And, has your taste changed?

Hope you all have a good week.