Help! Is it because of pre-menopause?


I have always had trouble losing weight. Right now, its no different than before except it is even worse:( I'm 47. I gained about 5 pounds on top of the already 8 pounds I needed to lose. I already eat clean. I don't deprive myself but eat smart. I have been working out consistently since January. I work out 3-4 times a week and really push myself. I can't exercise more than that because my job is very physical. I work 12 hour shifts and am on my feet for most of them.

Anyway... I haven't really lost more than a pound or two, depending on what time I weigh myself.

Is this because I'm close to menopause?? If so, what do I do.

It is always disheartening when you work out and don't see the numbers go down. I know its not all bout the numbers, but it is a great motivator when you see it.

I feel good and am healthy, but again, some motivation would be so encouraging.

Of course I'll keep at it, but I feel so discouraged.