Food for Thought March 20

Happy Saturday beautiful fit blenders!

and Happy Spring for those in the US yay!🌺🌸🌼🌻

how are you today?

today id like to talk about another topic that comes up when trying to lose weight-

excuses -in my 11 years of exercising and maintaining ive said every excuse in the book 😂

what is your go to excuse?

also how do you deal with stress? so many people on my facebook have failed because they fall into the trap of believing that if they just lose weight, life will be all sunshine and rainbows and this just isnt true- 3 years after i reached my goal weight i ended up in an abusive relationship which i had to escape from- cops the whole deal. i just think i really hadnt worked on myself enough until after that!

in one of my600lb life stories, hurricane harvey hit 1 month after he got his surgery!

so how do you deal with stress now that you dont have food to run too?