So I had a body composition analysis done ...(keep on reading)


...and I was surprised. Here’s the deal: I‘ve been working out with FB for 5 years. I‘ve done multiple workout programs and basically even if I‘m not following a program I‘d do their workouts around 3-5 times/ week. I love HIIT and strength training and FB is providing the structure I need to get a good workout in. So often times even if I‘m at the gym I follow their workouts. Besides that I’m trying to make healthy food choices most of the time, nothing too extreme, just trying to have a balanced nutrition. I knew that I’m in good shape with a low heart rate and feeling really healthy but I never actually measured my body composition or compared fitness results. My husband and I are currently traveling through south east asia and even while traveling I was able to keep up my fitness level thanks to FB. We spontaneously decided to sign up for a week of fitness and ‚restoration ‚ in a cleanse center in Thailand . On the first day I underwent a body composition analysis. I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t weighed myself in over a year. To my surprise my weight is up 4kg which was a bit of a shocker. BUT: my body fat percentage is low, muscle percentage is high (I‘ve been doing much more strenght training this past year and my clothe size is the same). During the fitness classes here I can really work hard, I‘m really fit! I enjoy being here, eating only healthy food and working hard. But basically externally there really isn‘t much to improve. Following FB has definitely been one of the best health choices I ever made and I got it on paper now. It’s still hard work and it def does take a lot of discipline and I know we all can’t always prioritize working out over other life things. I just wanted to point out that I really believe this stuff works! Obviously I’m aware that my inner state, my self perception, being at peace with my life, is much more important than these external things. But if you’re looking for a great way to be fit and healthy jump right in with FB. Cheers