Good week!

I had a good week this week!

All three teens now have FitBits and are earning rewards based on what they get. The doctor recommended this two weeks ago after seeing their BMI skyrocket during lockdown. My 12 year old has done AWESOME. She has smashed each goal. The doctor also recommended exercise as part of her treatment for anxiety. So she started small with her goals. Each week her goal has inceased. This week she got 105 minutes of activity on her FitBit. She also got a new bike and has been really excited for that. I’m so happy for her!

My 14 year old did nothing this week, but I haven’t said anything (as per doctors orders.) She just won’t earn her weekly reward.

My 17 year old initially said no to the idea of a FitBit and linking it to rewards. Then she suddenly changed her mind. She just got her FitBit on Thursday so we’ll see how that goes! Since the younger two idolize her so much, I’m hopeful that she will go on a walk or something and the other two will want to join.

For me, I love my Fitbit and it really changed things for me. I’m so motivated by charts and graphs. I’ve had one for two years and it is so helpful. So it really made me mad when I got my newest one. They changed it to “active zone minutes” instead of “active minutes,” and it is so much harder to get now! A fast walk no longer cuts it. I debated returning the watch, but decided to keep it. So it’s made me think about the intensity of my workouts. I started doing a run/walk combo with my dog (instead of just a regular walk.) I also have been making sure to put in more effort during lighter FB workouts. This week I made my goals for the first time since getting my new watch!

I’m also excited about the warm weather. It’s easier to get the kids out of the house when I can bribe them to take a bike ride with me by going on a picnic with foods they like. So I’m excited for that!