Food for Thought March 13

happy saturday beautiful fit blenders!

how are you today? how are your food and workout choices going?

so here is america on TLC is a show called My 600lb Life. If you've lost weight, want to lose, or want to understand someone who's lost, i always highly recommend this show.

While these people have let their weight problem spiral, we can all relate to their feelings and how they feel about food. and the dr is no nonsense!

so sometimes this is where i get some of my topics from! in my facebook memories the other day I was reminded about an episode where the patient told the therapist a completely different story from what she had told us in the beginning of the show.

so we all know about outside sabotaguers but how about when you sabotage or lie to yourself? -for example: im not going to eat anything at this christmas party -

what other lies like this do you tell yourself that you regret after?