A year of health and a recent NSV

I've always read the community posts here, but have not yet posted. So I thought that I would share my journey so far.

I started using FB eighteen months ago, but in the last year I really focused on managing my heath and fitness because I was in a place where I wasn't really happy with myself and knew that I could change my mindset. I also have an inflammatory arthritis condition, and getting my body moving helps me with managing this. My job is also quite active, and requires a high level of fitness. So all of this led me to making an active choice to focus on myself for the past year.

I've mainly been doing programs and have done Fit, Fit2, Booty & Flex, Strong, Sweat, and Blend, to help me figure out the sort of training that works for my body and lifestyle. My early programs focused on more HIIT heavy programs, and I noticed huge changes in my energy levels and cardio. I also lost 10kg - though slowly over the year, which now puts me back into the healthy weight range for my height. For the past few months I've focused more on strength training and while my weight has stayed mostly the same, I've dropped another dress size and can definitely feel more muscle definition. I've also noticed that I'm way more active, can lift heavier, and that my recovery time is shorter. I do a lot of hiking for work, and the other day did a trail that I had done a few months earlier. I had to have a lot fewer breaks, and I managed to finish the trail a lot faster than normal.

I also hate running (would much rather go for an hour walk) but love running downhill on bush trails - it just feels so freeing! There's a small lookout in my town that I've been using to train on, and walk up it and run down it a few times each day as part of my walking route. I decided to see if I could run up it, and back in January I could only make it halfway. The start of this month I made it to the top non-stop!

FB has helped me to achieve so much, and I feel absolutely incredible and I'm so excited to see what else my body is able to do! This past year has been an amazing journey, and I've learnt so much about myself, as well as about fitness and nutrition from FB - thanks so much!