Buns of Steel 💪😎

Like I already said: now that I have buns of steel, I will enjoy buns of cinnamon as well…and a chocolate pie.

Timeframe between the pics is a little over a year, the middle one taken closer to the 1st one and that’s where I plateaued. However, just recently, I started to get a lot of compliments about my round lifted bum, so I decided to do the comparison. (I also did the same pic style for my core and uppers, but still waiting for visual improvement worthy of posting.)

For progress, I’m giving credits to strength training. I’m doing minimal cardio and HIIT from the start; I just don’t enjoy it enough to be bothered with it. And since you can get your heart rate up with lifting weights, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Also, I am doing a lots of pilates. It's great not only for shaping your body, but also for improving your posture which in return makes your booty more prominent.

We also need to take our nutrition and genetics into account. And my genes say, I’m prone to growing lower body muscles fast, especially quads. So, from the 1st to 2nd pic, I was lifting heavy mainly for “glutes” exercises, whereas for the “quads”, I would go with light weights or even bodyweight. Three reasons: my weak core, my bad knee and not wanting to bulk up.

2nd to 3rd pic, I’m lifting heavy (for me) no matter, because my problems are gone. I have strengthened my core; my knee is almost perfect since I stopped avoiding those exercises, and I learned (mostly reminded here on FB) that I won’t bulk up. And as you can see, there’s not much of a difference in the size of my quads.

So, whatever your goal is -don’t give up! Changes take time so don’t be hard on yourself if the results aren't happening as fast as you want them to. Don’t be discouraged if you have one too many cheat meals on your nutrition plan either. Everything is a learning process, so learn how you can be better next week than you were this week.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!