Refund/General question


Hey guys...So I just emailed fitness blender about a refund. I emailed service@fitnessblender.com I hope this was the correct thing to do. I thought the point of purchasing a program and paying for one was that we were getting new workout that Kelli and Daniel were not offering for free on YouTube. I purchased the FB Booty Round 2 just now and I was so excited to get started because I love Kelli's workouts and I have done every single one she offers on YouTube for butt and thighs.... so to my major disappointment....these videos in the calendar are the exact same workouts on YouTube I have already done so many times I can't even bear to look at anymore :( I am really discouraged. Are all the plans that way? I really wanted something fresh and I just paid for nothing....I really don't understand, what is the point of paying if they are free online already? :(