Food for Thought March 6

happy saturday beautiful fit blenders!

how are you today? how are your food and workout choices going?

so.. i actually changed my topic today based on something that came up the other day. we had a really great convo there and id like to expand on it. its basically another chapter in my book "things they dont tell you about losing weight"

when you are losing weight it is supposed to be "your" journey. but we've had a whole discussion about sabotaguers and people who want you to stay in your box.

now.. what about those who dont agree with the way your losing weight or your diet choice? and of course if your doing it in an unhealthy way that would be bad - but we all know theres some people who only believe in "one" way to lose and you must do it that way!

what about people your losing weight with? sig others? coworkers?(so the place i was working at when i was losing started doing a Biggest Loser challenge basically just to see if anyone could beat me(🙄- mind you the same people who would follow me to the bathroom!) - so in the end i lost because one girl DID starve herself to win and i had just kept doing what i was doing.)

so what have your experiences been? have people let you have "your journey" or has there been a whole bunch of noise you've had to block out while doing it? and have you been able too or did you change what you were doing for someone else?