Am I the Queen of procrastination? !!

Happy Friday to all!

So, this week I have been working on finishing the Plus BE challenge. I have 3 workouts left. I want to finish on Sunday so that I can start a ballet course mixed with the 3 day Plus flex challenge next week.

Today's motivation level is somewhere in the minus numbers and the workout for today is.... core! I hate core work (I do it, I need to but arrrgh!)

I have spent a serious amount of time thinking about swapping the days (I have UBS and pilates to do on the other days) hanging out here and searching for alternative workouts. I just realised if I had started the darn core workout (or in fact any of the other workouts) I'd probably have my complete by now!!

Am I alone in this?!!

Right, I am going to put my kit on and start the core one. If I really really hate it I will swap it out. ..... we shall see....