Daily Check-in: Friday, March 5th

Hello Blendfriends! And Happy Friday to you all!

How are you doing today? How'd your week go? Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Well, you should be! Because our beautiful, clever, funny, wonderful, fantastic guest host for the weekend is the ever-so-brilliant Coby!! So be ready for all things Southwestern, delicious, and of course: Brownie! (No, not the noms kind. The most adorable-mini-hamster kind!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for hosting this weekend, Coby!! I really appreciate you❤️

So Blendies: before we join our lovely weekend host, we have to get through today! What do you have planned for today? Workout-wise or otherwise?

It's a rest day for me. Yesterday was an upper routine for day something of Strong, and I swapped it for the 5x5x5 upper body routine, added a 10 minute core routine, and an 8 minute lower back routine. I liked that combo. I'm trying to purposefully focus on lower back work more because I've been having problems with it.

I'm also weirdly sore in my upper quads only from this lower body routine I did 2 days ago: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/brutal-butt-and-thigh-workout-lower-body-strength-training-sweatfest I'm not sure why it's just my upper quads that are sore. That's a new one for me. Nevertheless, that makes today a great day for some rest. And I'm not one bit mad about it.

Now, we gotta talk a bit about the food, yeah? So, what's on the menu for this Friday, Blendfriends?

I have a recipe for some brown rice and black bean burritos that I might make. It's easy, fast, and cheap! I like that.

Well, that's about it for me for this week, Blenders. So I'll catch you all again on Monday!

Take care and thank you so much for checking in with me!

Have a great day, and an even better weekend!

P.S. ❤️❤️❤️ To Raven




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