Help Me Eat better and Deal with my Fiancé

Loaded title there, so lets talk about it, and a warning I'm going to talk about some disordered eating behaviors.

So for a quick background, I've had negative body perception and poor eating habits most of my young life, and was obese as a child. I lost a lot of weight in college and felt pretty good about myself, but lost the weight by calorie counting and skipping a lot of meals, which eventually had a negative impact on my body in areas other than weight. I have been on a huge health journey to find myself in the mindset that I have to take care of my body, and not punish it with the way I feed myself. That means trying to balance between over eating and under eating. I continue to go to therapy and mostly came to peace with my body for a long time.

However, recently I gained a lot of weight over the course of a year where I was abroad with my fiancé and unable to eat the way I had been eating before. I am 212 lbs and 5 ft 7 in. I have a lot of excess fat, its not muscle weight, and I think I have a valid reason to want to lose weight. Now my fiancé and I are both trying to lose weight, but he is driving me crazy because he thinks the right way to do it is eat in a 6-4 hour window and always has things to say about my nutrition even though I've explained to him my history and why I can not agree with his way of doing things.

But the problem is I am having no success losing weight on my own and I'm tempted to do stupid things to lose weight that I know are not going to be good for me.

So I've decided to try the FB- 4 Week Meal Plan and I need help sticking to it. I have a workout method in place that I think is the best I can do right now, what needs help is the diet. I need help sticking to this because I feel a need to do it for myself, and I feel a need to prove to my fiance that his way is not the only way to approach things, and eventually show him what I hope is a healthier approach.

The other thing is my fiance is still abroad, and I am in my parents house, which is full of junk food, and my parents also respond.... in a weird way to me eating in a different way. Not that they are negative about it, but its kind of like they always have their 2 cents to give. You know how parents are.

I am planning on checking in on the daily check in once my meal plan starts (on Sunday), and I really need the help and encouragement from a community that may be able to empathize with where I am at right now.