Daily Check-in: Thursday, March 4th

Good day, Blendfriends!

How are you on this fine Thursday (or Friday for some of you)?

How have your workouts been treating you this week so far? How about life in general? Enjoying it? Not so much? Just kinda 'meh' about the whole thing?

No matter what, it's all good. I just hope your hardships ease up, and that you find some good things to be grateful for.

And how about some workouts for today? Is a workout day, or rest day for you?

It's a workout day for me! I got my lower body routine done yesterday, so I can finish up week 2 of Strong with upper body work. I think I'm also going to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off of exercising, and resume week 3 of Strong on Monday. I'm feeling awfully sore and tired this week. And I'll take a 3 day rest anytime.

And what sort of deliciousness do you have planned for today? Anything you're particularly excited about?

Right now, I'm excited about my coffee. And the fact that I have some homemade maple granola to munch on. Other than that, I have no plans in the food dept.

Well I'm afraid that's it for me! It's just another run-o'-the-mill day with run-o'-the-mill stuff needin to get done. So I'm off to start that! (Once coffee is finished first, though! Priorities)

I hope you have a great day, Blendies, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care!

P.S. Raven❤️




***Note: These Daily Check-in posts are open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate! All are welcome here! These check-ins are a way to stay motivated, accountable, and be supported as we all try to be our healthiest selves. Feel free to pop in and say 'hi' anytime, and post as much or as little as you wish! No prerequisites here! Feel free to add photos if you want as well! Whether you need advice about working out/eating well/life in general, just want to comment, or maybe need support during a hardship--we're here for you! So: Welcome to the FB Family, and to the Daily Check-ins! We appreciate you being here!***