Hey everyone!

Last time I posted I was enthusiastic about FB Adventure. Well, I did my best to keep with my schedule, but I guess I needed some time off (Im beginning to notice I need it more and more often at this time). I just had an over a week pause, except some walks with friends and errands. This neverending lockdown is too much for me. No matter how much I try or what I try, I dont seem to get better or build a stable schedule. I am still trying anyway! Work-life balance is just off, trying to stick to my normal work routine often doesnt work, I keep rescheduling my workouts and I am just disgusted by the system that runs in my country.

On the plus side, yesterday I was having thoughts about "starting over" after I finish my (neverending) assignment. BUT I stopped myself and thought, Im going to start adjusting again, tomorrow. This is not a major setback in my progress and its best I just go back to it again. So Im starting the Short and sweet challenge, that might be good for me mentally as well right now, I just started missing my workouts again! I love that my body remembers it and reminds my of it.

Sorry for the long post, I keep having these "snaps" when I shut down and do nothing, and its hard for me to continue then.

I wish everyone battling their own struggles have their "wins" that encourages them to go on. Thank you for reading my vent here, hold on tight!