✅ Flex Day 1 + Strength training appreciation

Workout complete for day 1 of the FB Flex Challenge! I tackled it first thing in the morning before I could overthink it. I felt a little sluggish starting off but ended up feeling refreshed and focused for the rest of the morning. I’m now 1 day into both Flex & Booty. Is anyone else following along with these two at the moment?

I love lifting weights because it makes me feel strong, reminds me of what I’m capable of, and it helps me with both stress and pain management. Other types of training are fun, and they’re all definitely important in their own ways but I will always have a big spot in my heart for strength training and the way it makes me feel.

One of the reasons I love strength training now is the same reason that I used to hate it many years ago; there’s a bit of slowing down, and careful focus with lifting that used to make me feel frustrated, like I wasn’t doing “enough” for my workout. Now I know that any time I spend exercising is of course worth it, and I can also *feel* that physically in my body, as well.

If you had to pick just one, what would you say is your ultimate favorite way to train? What about second favorite? Are there training styles that you really don’t love but keep around anyways because you know they’re good for your body?

I hope you’re having a good day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workouts!