Unexpected NSV!!

Hello FB Community!

Hope you’re all having a good day so far.

As some of you may have read in some of my comments, I’m not having too good a time on the health side. Without going into the messy details, doctors keep identifying things, trying to fix them which then either causes something else to happen or to be discovered which then has to be fixed, which then causes more problems... Being brought up with a dad whose daily motto was ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ (to which my brothers and I used to respond, ‘Yeah, until it does kill you’, to my dad’s chagrin), I keep pushing forward cautiously, trying to tout that half-full glass.

At the start of February I was feeling better than I had felt in years and started to cautiously ramp up my workouts. I even had a week when I could do some mild HIIT, woo-hoo! Then the bottom of my right foot got injured so I slowed way back down. Got to the point where I could do standing workouts again if I wore shoes, then I dropped a plate on the top of one of my feet, edge down and ruptured a vessel. So long shoes for the foreseeable future. Grrrrrrr...

Since then, I have pretty much been sticking exclusively to modified Pilates and stretching routines. To my delight, the Pilates is doing wonders for my body. I don’t have a scale, but my jeans fit much better. And best of all, I can finally do a full back bow with my arms all the way out!!!

All to say, these NSV have me figuratively doing cartwheels of joy 😊

Hope you are all celebrating your NSV, even if they’re little like mine. Happy day!