The difference that FB Plus makes

TLDR; appreciation post for FB Plus!

Hi all,

This month marks 1 year since I've started working out with FB in a consistent manner (off and on since 2015). I started off strong once the pandemic hit, but the end of 2020 was tough. I spent a lot of time doing yoga from other sources in January in addition to struggling through Low Impact R2, but these weren't reflected in my Free calendar, which was a bit discouraging. For this and other reasons, I bought the discounted year sub of FB Plus at the end of January, and it's been a more amazing and productive experience than I could have anticipated. I've attached my January (free) and February (FB Plus) calendars for comparison.

I think my favourite part about Plus is the two-week challenges. I bought 9 full-length programs throughout the last year, but sometimes I lose steam and with it, motivation, around halfway through. The length of the challenges matches up nicely with the time it takes for me to look forward to something new, meaning I can maintain my levels of enthusiasm throughout. I also love being able to mark the workouts I do from other sources on the Plus calendar (and of course Rest Days), it makes such a big difference in my attitude, which only positively reinforces doing more workouts!

I can see how much thought and consideration has gone into Plus, and it is worth every penny. So I just wanted to write this appreciation post for the entire FB team for all their hard work. I'd also be interested to know about everyone else's favourite parts about Plus. Happy Tuesday!