Push-up Group - Week 8: Check in + March Goals

Hello fellow pushers,

How are things going? It is crazy that February is almost over.

I kept following my training plan (on top of doing FB Strong) and just had to shuffle one of my rest days around because I was so tired after two days of working in the garden (but that was soooooo much fun).

I am still not quite at 3 full push-ups with good form and when I test later today, I am afraid it will be merely sets of 2 push-ups because I am still a bit sore from previous workouts. Other than that, training is going as scheduled - and believe it or not, I sill enjoy it, despite the lack of fast progress.

I am also thankful that FB pushlished the push-up workout. https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/upper-body-workout-to-build-strength-for-push-ups-tips-on-how-to-do-more-push-ups Check out the description of that one, because it provides great advice on building strength for push ups. Do you plan to incorporate that advice into your March goals? What are your March Goals?

I still have to set up my training plan for March and will post that in the comments below later today.

For those stumbling across this group for the first time:

Purpose of the group is to improve our ability to do push-ups. Everyone is welcome, wherever your starting point is. Set a goal - for the month or the year, make a plan for your training and go. The group is here to cheer you on.