Strength training gloves recommendations

Hello everyone!

After working out with fitness blender for nine months now, I've made great progress, and am lifting the maximum possible weight with my 24 powerblocks (24lbs per hand) for most lower body strength exercises. I'm very happy with this, and am greatful to Kelli and Daniel for introducing me to lifting! I love it now!

However, the flip side of this is that I get serious calluses on my palms, right under each finger. The more progress I make (and the more I do an entire lower body strength training session with 24lbs in each hand), the more painful the calluses get. So I'm desperately looking for stength training gloves.

But because of covid, I would like to avoid going to an actual store and trying gloves on etc. Which means I really need your advice! I would still like to purchase the gloves in a "local" store (no amazon for example, but chains available in my country are fine). I live in France, in Paris.

Any recommendations?