Little things you notice in everyday actions

Hi everyone,

I've been working out for about 6 months with FB consistently now. Outwardly some changes are more noticeable than others, upper body tone looking great compared to my jiggly tummy/bum etc. But then there's little things you notice, which aren't visible, that are great. Cup of tea while laid in bed? I hold myself up half-up without any issues as my core is internally way stronger now. Shopping bags of 6-8kg per hand that would leave me huffing and puffing after the 15 minute walk home, are no problem now. Bending over to the floor is done without bending my knees due to to increased flexibility. And I can rest my head on my feet while doing the deep hip stretch (this one I am super proud of!) So regardless of whether I think progress is slow sometimes, it doesn't matter. Sometimes it comes with the everyday things you can't see in a mirror, and I think these are more important.

So I just wanted to say thanks to K&D. I know I wouldn't have stuck with anything other than FB, I can't stand the yelly-type PUMP IT! vids, or the fixed-smiles one :D