THX for changing my life!

First of all... thank you, Daniel and Kelly! ♥

After years and years of trying to lose weight, eating disorders, up and downs, I finally managed to not just lose weight but feeling fit & sporty and -that's the best thing of all- having lots of fun getting fitter.

At almost every point in my life (except my childhood) everything revolved around weight (loss) and calories. I tried many restricted diets, had problems with "eating almost nothing" to binge and bulimia. Nothing really worked after all, at least not for a long term. Then I kind of gave up.

I have to say I was a very lazy person, I did some sports sometimes (like aerobic or other cardio-stuff) but I hated it so much, so I thought "okay, I wont be a sporty person ever, I have to live with it". Guess what... after years I gained weight.. more and more. I felt so unhappy and unhealthy and I even didnt want to leave home to meet other people just because I felt so uncomfortable. I had to change something but well.. that's easy to say and hard to manage without having a plan.

I am so very lucky I have the best husband I could think of. He started into a sporty life a few years ago. He never forced me to do anything, he just asked gently if I want to try it aswell sometimes. I said "no" for years. :D Lazy me. Anyway... at some point I had that "I have to change something"-moment and I got that "go girl, you can do it!" support instant. He told me about the "Fitnessblender Reach" programm for beginners like me and we tried just one workout together. At least I thought I could do that once a week... maybe... but after my first workout it changed everything.

I recognized, I could do that. I recognized sport is not about agonizing, it can be fun. So I started FB Reach the first time and did it 5 times per week. Not just once. :) Yes, I did it in "lazy mode" (that's how I'd describe the way), but I did it.

Now, two years later, I'm half of the woman I was, but stronger than ever. I lost 160lbs (in something like 2 to 3 years, I started with some diet changes and healthy food before) and I am so very happy! I started with reach and low impact, and I started in "lazy mode" but now I have the motivation to get better and sportier. Sport is fun and I left "lazy mode" behind (most of the days ;) ). Daniel and Kelly never made me feel unsporty, they always motivated me to do everything the way I can - and want, and that this is totally okay.

So now...I have this new hobby. :) Sport! And for sure I'll do lots of workouts with Daniel and Kelly. THANK YOU!

And to all of you with goals (whatever the goals may be) you can do it! ♥