HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group February 23rd

Good Tuesday morning blenders! What have you got planned for today? I’ll be continuing with FB Short and Sweet and Fundamentals. And we’ll be having vegetarian cabbage rolls for supper. And during this day, take a minute or two if you can to send Maria strong, positive energy for a great recovery.

I finished work so late yesterday that I did not get to my planned workouts. And it was snowing very heavily at lunch time so I did not go walking either. But I am keeping up with my morning tai chi routine. At this moment in my weight loss journey, I am working on building my consistency back. Last week was better than the previous one and this week should improve upon last.

« Do what you can for now and you’ll soon be able to do what you can’t. »

Have the most wonderful day everyone and take good care 🙂