NEW FB Plus Workout (and Expert Article)

Happy Monday, everyone!

How many of you saw our new (free) video, Upper Body Workout to Build Strength for Push Ups + Tips on How to Do More Push Ups, which went live yesterday? Did you already give it a shot?

Well, we have a new FB Plus workout for you too, which just went live. We really think you’re going to love it.

Dynamic Walking Workout - Light Cardio Workout for Circulation and Mobility

Light movement is sometimes exactly what we need, so this video is our take on a walking workout that uses light cardio moves to wake up the muscles, get the blood flowing, and get the body familiar with moving around itself (forward, backward, to the side, and diagonally).

Because this workout has you moving in so many different directions, it can also make a great warm up routine. If you follow Fitness Blender regularly, you know we focus a lot on warm ups and cool downs, but lengthier warm ups (like this one, if you use it that way) can be really helpful for beginners, people with asthma, or those with stiff joints.

Light movement can be very soothing for cramps or times when motivation and energy is lacking for something more intense. Instead of doing nothing at all, tackling a few minutes of really light movement in order to improve circulation and prevent stiff, achy joints and muscles can help improve mood and your general outlook on exercise. Sometimes, just a little bit of activity can even lead to a mindset change that makes you want to get in a full workout.

Regardless of how you use this new workout, we hope you enjoy it. Let us know.

P.S. And for our FB Plus members, a reminder that we also released a great article on fats last week, written by one of our amazing Registered Dietitians, “Which Fats are Healthy and Which Should I Avoid? A Breakdown of Trans, Mono, Poly, and Saturated Fats.” Give it a read!