Recommendations for workout videos in French? (+ Ever thought about translating some of the FB content?)

Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to convince my 65-year-old mum to get into a workout routine. She just completed the first week of the FB Plus Fundamentals challenge (I'm so proud of her :D). However, she doesn't understand English very well and she just tries to copy the movements she sees on the screen, and does not understand any of the cues Kelli and Daniel give. I'm afraid it won't be as effective, or maybe even dangerous, if she continues like this. Most of the time, I'm not there to explain it to her and correct her either.

I was really excited about getting her into FB, because there are now quite a few challenges that I think she'll be able to complete, at least partially, thanks to FB Plus (Fundamentals, Beginner, You Choose with the easier version).

I'm now searching for videos in French, but I'm never sure whether what I come across will be appropriate for her (or of good quality overall). Here are a few videos I've found, in case anyone is interested:

Does anyone here know of a good reliable ressource in French that offers very low impact, low intensity, short videos?

Also, that got me thinking, has the FB team ever thought about translating some of their content (maybe just the FB Plus content - recipes, experts' articles, workouts descriptions and titles, etc.)? Of course, this would represent quite a budget but wouldn't it be nice to make this awesome content accessible to more people around the world?

(I'm actually a translator myself and I think this would be really interesting work, I'm sure plenty of other translators would agree with me on that ;) )

Thanks guys, have a nice weekend! :)