Getting my motivation back...

...It appears to have run away and try as I might it really doesn't want to return!!

Six months ago I was working out five days a week, loving it and feeling great. But life got in the way and it has been so hard to find time to fit anything in, especially with school/nursery closed. I've tried to adapt and workout at night but by 9.30-10 I simply am not up for it.

I think a large part of this is probably stress and being worn down by the crazy covid world that we have found ourselves in. I'm trying to not be too harsh on myself. Trying to homeschool an ASD five year old, who was only just getting used to going to school, while also keeping his four year old sister happy is pretty draining. My husband is working flat out and lockdown is really isolating. I even hate walking the dogs at the minute as 'staying local', which is our current rules, is so blooming boring and I'm fed up of walking the same streets. We're a really outdoors family and not being able to get the the woods, out on the Moors or to the beach is really taking a toll mentally on us all.

So after that little pity party it would be great to hear how everyone else stays motivated... Especially in those times when it's hard to be.

I know that working out will make me feel so much better mentally and physically but I'm just so lethargic and bleurgh at the minute I can't get going...