4 week workout streak!

Hello everyone!

It's been a MINUTE since I've consistently worked out. I was doing amazing at the beginning of 2020 and even during the first lock down I was still very focused. Once lock down ended and I went back to work, I fell back into my routine/habit of being "too tired" and "not having time" to workout.

After years of not enjoying my job, I went back to college Sept 2020 and was very excited to have a free membership to a gym! Shortly after, we went back into lock down and all gyms have been closed since (4 months in counting..)

I definitely went into a slump after that, being away from family and now back in lock down alone. I gained about 10 pounds which is very new for me because I've always stayed around the same weight for many years.

I decided at the end of January enough was enough. I had such bad back pain from sitting at my computer for school that I would have to lay on the floor after each class. I started off fairly light, not pushing myself too hard, but then I figured out a routine that worked for me.

I'm so happy to be back to working out, and I am definitely feeling much better, and zero back pain!!

Hope everyone is making the best of each day as much as they can. And if you read this far, hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Workout Complete! :)