Shocked by non FB 'challenge'!

I had to share this. Maybe it's the time of year but there seems to me to be lots of challenges out there. I keep getting emails about other sites 28 day 'x' challenge etc.

Anyway, my main goal of late has been working on getting into a consistent habit of working out. But outside of FB I was intrigued by one of these challenges and though maybe I would add that in to my routine, see how it feels.

So day 1, video one, I am not joking the person went straight in to... jump squats! No warm up! To be fair maybe there was a note somewhere that I missed outside of the video but it was not mentioned at all.

Needless to say that was the end of that! It just made me really reflect on the great material we have access too thanks to Kelli, Daniel and their team. A complete novice might have (literally) jumped right in! There is dangerous stuff out there for sure!