Perspiration Pals 19-Feb-2021

What's up, P Pals? 😉

Honestly, I think I'll add cleaning windows and tiles as an upper body routine. I mean, oh my, that hurts. 💊😅

That just made think how fit I actually am in comparison to what I think/feel. Obviously, my arms need extra work. 😛 However, I am pretty sure, due to all the HIITing with FB, I would be able outrun 🧟‍♂ïļ 🧟‍♀ïļ, if it comes to that. ðŸĪŠðŸĪĢ

What about you? Where are you with fitness level? Was that your goal or are you still couple of routines away? 😊

I am just about to prepare smoked salmon salad with potatoes and asparagus, from Jamie Oliver. Yes, I also have his cookbook, All for 15mins and that's what I can give today...for cooking... 😉😇

Do share about your day.😊


P.S. We welcome everybody to P Pals. If you wanna share about yourself, learn something or ask a question, or you just wanna continue your silent treatment- all is good in eyes of P Pals.😊ðŸĪ—