We're Moving+Workout Kinda Complete!!

We are finally leaving our home. And moving. Again.

I hated that we had just one room other than the hall, but the flights leaving and coming were worth everything.

Our stuff was already half-packed from our previous shift. It hasn't even been two months here! We really needed extra space, so had to move out.

As for the workout... that was interesting. I had sneak in a warmup, so I did one of Kelli's warm-ups from a while ago (the wake up call warmup, anyone remember?).

Here's the twist- I didn't put on the video, but did it purely out of memory. I counted the seconds, imagined Kelli's voice saying "10 seconds left, stay light on your feet.."

So you see, exercise helps improve your memory. Either that, or I love FB too much😂😍

We moved through two hotels! Moving houses was exhausting enough, but hotels? Jeez, this was a tough week. God's grace keeps us going.

I know this is a tough time for many people out there, and I heard there's bad weather running around. Wishing y'all all the best in everything you put your mind into today. Stay happy😘🤗