Beauty in the Weather

Hello Blender Peeps!

I know what you're thinking or might be thinking, "Wow it's snowing over there. Lucky." or "Snow? How unfortunate." You know depending on what kind of weather you like and where you're from. Although you've all been fooled! 😂 I mean unless you live in Hyattsville, Maryland like I do and you know what the weather is here.

This is a picture I have attempted to take and I know it looks terrible. I don't have picture taking skills like everybody else nor do I pictures period. I just woke up to it "icing" I'm not sure what raining ice is called but I tried haha! Yes...all that white it pure ice and no snow.

Beautiful isn't it? At least to me it is. There's always a beauty in all kinds of weather I think. Well maybe depending on the weather. It is raining ice and yeah it is dangerous but it still looks nice like snow and is comforting to listen to like rain.

I know this isn't fitness related but I figured I would still try to be active in the community every now and then with random posts like these. I got curious wondering what the weather is like everywhere else. On that note, what kind of weather do you guys get where you are? Do you have a favorite? What beauty do you see in it/them?

Have a Blessed day guys!