Daily Check-in: Thursday, February 18th

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Blendfriends!

How are you all doing today? How has your week gone so far?

I hope all is well with you!

It's been a busy one here, and will probably be that way again today! At least it's Thursday already, though!

And how are your workouts treatin ya? Enjoying them? Taking rest when you need to?

I've gotten 3 of my goal of 4 workouts done this week! Woo! Now I'm planning to start Strong with Anne and some super amazing workout buddies today, but I'm gonna have to switch up the schedule to do that! So my day 1 will actually be day 2's upper body, then I'll do day 1 tomorrow. Then take a couple of rest days, then continue on from there. That's the plan at least. Thank you, Anne, for including me, and organizing a workout group/buddy system for Strong!

And what about some good eats going on today, Blendies? Anything fun planned?

Not a lot here. We had chicken chili last night, so we might just do some leftovers for supper tonight.

Well, I'm afraid that's all I got for today, Blenders! I'm pretty boring and busy---so not a lot to talk about here!

I hope you all have a fantastic day, and take care of yourselves! Enjoy your workouts/rest today!

Thank you for checking in with me!

P.S. Love to Raven❤️❤️❤️




***Note: These Daily Check-in posts are open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate! All are welcome here! These check-ins are a way to stay motivated, accountable, and be supported as we all try to be our healthiest selves. Feel free to pop in and say 'hi' anytime, and post as much or as little as you wish! No prerequisites here! Feel free to add photos if you want as well! Whether you need advice about working out/eating well/life in general, just want to comment, or maybe need support during a hardship--we're here for you! So: Welcome to the FB Family, and to the Daily Check-ins! We appreciate you being here!***