Ditching the diet, intuitive eating & become body positive


Hi everyone, I’ve searching a lot through the community forum for someone who is in kind of the same situation I’m in. I am recovering from an ED that started 10 years ago and now learning to eat intuitively. I’m 8 months post partum and I’ve gained weight that I had lost prior to pregnancy. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want to “diet”. I’ve read intuitive eating by Evelyn tribole and health at every size by Linda bacon (people have a lot of misconceptions about what this means). I’m coming to terms with my body. I want to move my body because I WANT to.. but because I HAVE to. Exercise has always been a punishment. I’m done counting calories, points, restricting (and binging). Is my body the way it is that offensive even though I exercise and eat till I’m satisfied? Isn’t that how life should be lived? Every body needs a different level of nourishment.

I wanted to know if there’s someone out here who’s not necessarily dieting and using fitnessblender to just get some good movement in!