HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group February 17th

Good morning fellow Blenders.

Today is going to be another beautiful cold mostly sunny day around our neighborhood. Savannah is off to school "physically" today. Which is good for her to be able to see friends. Storm and me have long workouts this morning.

Thought of the day: In life, every momentous journey starts one step at a time.

Workout today for me is FB Strong Day 10 - 30 Minute HIIT and Abs Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down (no equipment)

Then off to work for more steps and lifting things all day. Kind of a perpetual low impact workout. hehe.

So what has everyone got planned for the day. Something new and exciting?

Sending Love, healing energy, and light to Maria for a healthy journey back home. Toasty you are in our thoughts as well will all the heavy thesis lifting you are doing.

Hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous day!

HKS is here to support everyone in their fitness and life journey. Don't be shy about joining in. There is plenty of room for all. FYI: As I am not here most of the work week day, I will not be available to reply. So just play amongst yourselves. :D LOL