Perspiration Pals 17-Feb-2021

What's up, P Pals? 😉

Let's just say, me eating potato stew made my stomach growl in desperation only a couple of hrs later, but since I was outside, it needed to wait. And then after workout 💪, what happened? Yeah, I ended up eating a wild boar covered in chocolate at 10pm. 🤣 Literally? Maybe, maybe not. 🤣 That's what happens when I eat lightly during day time...

Now after this talk, I am again so very hungry. 😅 Though, meme is not about me, I just found it really funny. 😆

I am continuing my Challenges. How about you? What about your Calendar and Menu?😉


P.S. We welcome everybody to P Pals. If you wanna share about yourself, learn something or ask a question, or you just wanna continue your silent treatment- all is good in eyes of P Pals.😊🤗