7 months with FB

I just want to share my progress in 7 months.

I have a love hate relationship with FB that started around 2016. I will do exercises for months then stop and start again. I think this is the longest time I've been with them (7months) and I love to continue it as long as I can.

I always love to see photos of before and after here in the community because I wanted to be inspired hoping one day I could share mine too, and here it is! I am so happy I pushed myself to do workouts everyday and on a strict calorie deficit each day.

Now I might have reached my ideal weight and want to maintain it, so my goal now is to build more muscle and not gain weight? Don't know if that's possible though cause I need calorie surplus for muscle to build up? Anyone please enlighten me. 😅

I just want to thank my workout buddies Daniel and Kelly! Thank you so much FitnessBlender!

(I am wearing the same shorts on the picture)