Question about bridges

Hello all

Hope you are having a good week so far.

So, bridges.... I can do basic bridges fine. But I really struggle with one legged and even more so with marches and extensions. As well as lazy glutes I think it may actually be partly due to the position of my feet. Due to my knee issues I can't comfortably bring my feet as close to my butt as I think I should be. When the one leg challenge is introduced I think this has an effect. I can easily do bridges with my feet in butterfly (I think that's the name, I mean heels pressed against each other). But when I do regular bridges I can't have my feet too pulled in.

Not a huge thing and of course I have to (and do) prioritise my joint health. That said I know bridge variations are worthwhile for all sorts of reasons and they keep cropping up! Just wondered if anyone else has and words of wisdom? has anyone else had this issue? should I swap them out for something or maybe just do them butterfly to develop strength?

All thoughts appreciated!