Dynamic 40 Minute Upper Body Strength Workout

Good morning everybody,

For those of you who are trying to get your workouts done today, or are planning tomorrow’s workout, here’s a great new FB Plus option.

Target Your Muscles from Every Angle with this Dynamic 40 Minute Upper Body Strength Workout (warm up and cool down included)

Workout Summary: After a total body warm up that focuses especially on the upper body, we move onto our strength sets. We’ll be doing strength sets using an ABC/ABC pattern, where C is a variable exercise. Finish up with a relaxing cool down and stretch (spoiler alert: our 95lb “puppy” Loki joins the cool down).

Just a reminder that our next two challenges are, FB Flex (going live next month) and FB Abs (going live in April). We have some ideas for May and June but would love to hear what your ideas are for challenge options.

I’m going to get a core and lower body workout done today but otherwise I will need to take it easy because I’m going to be filming later this week.

I know a lot of the country is getting some crazy weather right now, including us and most of our team. Please stay safe. Have a good week.