Gut Health

Hi fbf!

Finished fb abs 2 today and I’m feeling fantastic! Although you know what hasn’t been fantastic lately... my gut😖.

At the end of 2018 I got strep throat. I took a course of antibiotics for it but they did not help. The doc then made me take a second course of antibiotics which I felt terrible about doing but had to I guess for the sake of the sickness. And unsurprisingly, 2 years later I’m still suffering the consequences. The gastroenterologist explained what happened to me like this “it’s like an atomic bomb has gone off in your gut and all that’s left are the cockroaches” and so basically I just have bad bacteria left in my gut and they grow every time I eat particular trigger foods and my food doesn’t get “processed properly” or something, then there’s a build up and then bad stuff happens....

Long story short I’m at my whits end trying to manage and heal my gut! I have been taking probiotics everyday for a year now and I have been meticulously avoiding trigger foods and have seen absolutely no improvements. I intend on seeing a nutritionist but I have to wait until lockdown in NZ is over.

Just thought I’d reach out and ask if anyone has any suggestions/advice to do with healing the gut that I can do alongside taking probiotics?

Thanks heaps