Valentine treats and muscle growth🤣

I had been trying hard to eat clean and cut down confections until two weeks ago. But as soon as February came, my resolution fell apart so easily as my favorite bakery from which I often grabbed sandwiches or salads started selling special Valentine treats. As a person of big sweet tooth I couldn't resist! Raspberry swirled cheesecake on sale for only limited time, which happens to be one of my favorite desserts? Give me everything you've got.

Soooo with that and other Valentine treats my neighbors gave away, I ate lots of sweets over the last two weeks. And what I am realizing at the end is that I apparently have gained a good amount of muscles! It was a very unexpected result to me. I thought that I would end up gaining fat not muscles @_@

I was feeling recently that my muscle development had reached plateau despite doing strength training frequently. Then it made a sudden progress! I don't measure weight or body composition but I could tell it by how I feel and look. My overall body feels more solid, definition has improved, and I can lift heavier. I cannot but relate these observations to increased consumption of sweets because that's the only thing changed😂 So strange. Ate tons of cake and chocolate and my belly has become tougher.

Of course I'm gonna stop binge eating sweets. I know it has many negative impacts and fat will soon start accumulating as well if I keep doing it. My favorite bakery will no longer sell cheesecake from tomorrow anyway. The take-home message for me here though is that surplus calorie is crucial in muscle growth, which I haven't realized until now! Jeez, I can't believe I'm the same person with me until half a year ago who was desperate to reduce caloric intake to lose weight (and never succeeded...)

Long story short.... I've gained Valentine muscles🤣🤣🤣