The journey - appreciating the process

I hope this may resonate with some of you....

So, I have a really difficult relationship with my body, one which I am working hard to improve. I find myself staring in the mirror for ages trying to find “improvements” or things I like, which obviously isn’t healthy. Well, I’m clearly not going to see changes week in week out or even month to month...it is a slow process.

The other day I bought some new pyjamas as my current ones were too big. Today I took this picture of my pyjama trousers over the course of this last year...the ones at the back I was wearing last Christmas, the middle ones were bought in the summer and the ones at the front were bought this week. Rather than looking for all the minuscule, tiny changes that are impossible to see day to day this photo really helped me appreciate the journey I’ve been on (and am still on) and how far I’ve come. Xx