Food for Thought Feb 13

happy saturday beautiful fit blenders!

how are you today? hows your weather? how are your food choices and workouts going?

I had originally planned a different topic for today but on wednesday and thursday I had encounters at work that are another chapter in my book! "things they dont tell you about losing weight"

i currently work in a small insurance sales office. its been pretty crazy so the boss buys us lunch sometimes. since its not a big corporate office i cant avoid it, so i always ordered something my boyfriend would like and took it home.

but theres no secrets in a small office and people figured out what i was doing. so on wednesday one of the girls purposely ordered from Panera so that i could order something for me as they have "healthy" stuff and 1/2 sandwich 1/2 salad deals etc - although is it really that healthy? ha! the 1/2 sandwich was humongous! and on thursday basically FORCED me into getting a salad from the pizza place they ordered from.

so.. im supposed to be "grateful" they did this but really im like - why cant people just accept the "no thank you"? why must i explain myself?

thankfully on wednesday i was smart enough to order tuna which is something my boyfriend would eat, but then both days i felt like i had to sneak to eat my regular lunch! like honestly!

who knew that even 11 years later it would still be a minefield?! have you had any of these experiences where losing or the loss of weight lead you to a minefield?

As always feel free to ask me any questions or tell me about any experience you've had with losing weight.

I want to thank Julia for giving me the oppotunity to do this. So glad to have found this outlet!