A lesson I learned - unhealthy over exercising and healthy rest days

I usually try to workout 6 days a week! But this past week I had gotten back into my bad habit of ... over exercising :( I did my scheduled FB workout + 30 minutes of biking then I would play the Ring Fit Adventure game which led to about 2-3 hours of exercising in one session!

I want to start by saying I know this is unhealthy behavior.

My 7th day is usually a "rest day" where I go to work for 16 hours and because I can't exercise at work it is my "rest day".

WRONG that is not a rest day at all. So on Sunday I gave myself a proper rest day where I did just a bit of stretching and yoga.

Yesterday I did my scheduled first day of burn and while I was putting down my 35 lb powerblock I found it quite easy to hoist up to the stand. I thought to myself - hrm maybe I can finally do a 30lb curl!


I've been stuck at 6 reps of 25 for a few weeks and 10-12 reps of 20 lbs and I could never curl the 30 for one rep but yesterday I did!

Long story short - REAL rest days are important and just because you can exercise for 3 hours a day - DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD!!!!!

I look forward to my upper body day today!!