“Food for Thought” Feb 9

Hello beautiful Blenders,

I was in such a rush that I forgot half of the things I wanted to write yesterday. A big thanks to Michele, Amanda and Lynna for starting the thread over the weekend/Friday. I loved the topics and the discussions. So far, I only ask Amanda if she likes to start the thread again. I’m really sorry that I’m a bit all over the place at the moment, what means I forgot to ask if Michele or Lynna like to start the thread again, if they have time? But anyone who is interested to start the thread is welcome to do so and share your insides.

Because I have so little time at the moment a short check-in from me:

Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.

My eating behaviour last week wasn’t great. I ate way too much even if it was mainly to much of healthy food. But I’m not too worried about it, because I’m getting more and more confident that I can switch back to a healthy routine. Normally it takes a couple of days to really be back where I like to be, but by now I know that, and it doesn’t stress me as much as it used to. So, step by step I’m moving in the right direction even if it is with slow speed.

What about you? How are you feeling today? How is your eating journey going?