New program, new gear!

So I have never had much upper body strength. Even when I was a teen and I was playing basketball for a team, my hands were rather weak, which was a bit frustrating. However after starting working out with FB, I have been gradually building upper body strength. I 've been patient and committed; I started doing strength training using bodyweight only. I then moved on to using light weights, like books and water bottles, then onto light dumbells and finally a bit heavier dumbbells - up to 5 kg depending on the exercise.

Still I felt like I could never increase the amount of weight I was lifting when doing those bent over close rows, or a reverse fly. I had been stuck to 2 kg for ages. But finally, while working my way through FB Burn and FB complete over the last 1.5 month, I am feeling strong enough to bump up the amount of weight I am lifting during these particular exercises!

So since my current goal is to get stronger, I am starting Mass after having purchased these 3kgs dumbbells! I know it might not seem like a lot, but for me this is a small victory that I wanted to share! They are also rectangular, because I felt tired of my dumbbells drifting away during those push ups when we have to lift weights in between. 😁

So please wish me luck with my new - small - adventure and of course know that you are more than welcome to share your strength victories here, irregardless of their bigger or smaller weight! 💪😉😊