Feature suggestion for calendar view

Hi Fellow Blenders,

I have been a long time lurker here who became a FB member in 2017 and is now happy to be a FB Plus member starting this year.

I'm a full time grad student and the few streaks of workout completes that I am able to manage give me the much needed confidence which takes a beating on a daily basis when one is pursuing a PhD.

I was looking at my calendar for January and I'm happy to say that it looks better than most other months :)

This is my first FB discussion and it's a thought I had while looking at my calendar. Currently, the calendar view shows a monthly profile of completed workouts and I was thinking it would be nice to view an entire calendar year as part of it. It could be an option like a toggle/drop down item to choose whether you want to view the month or an entire year.. maybe a quarter etc. But definitely want the year option.

I'm aware that the FB Plus features allow us to see our stats in a lot of ways which also include what I am asking. However, there is something about the green check marks on the calendar that helps in building momentum. When I view a new month, it is like a clean slate that I get to fill in with the green checkmarks and that's exciting. But, if say my February isn't off to a good start then having the view of January right beside February could help me get off my couch simply because of the desire to keep filling in that calendar and building it month by month.

Just wanted to share this thought with you all to gauge how many would like this feature.. Or if this is already available (which I don't believe it is) - then please tell me how to view it that way.

Thanks for reading! Attached is also my 'January complete' motivated by everyone else's screenshots :)