mistakes in the meal plan

I'm wondering if there is a place to provide feedback on individual days or weeks in the meal plans. The first week of the omnivore plan went great for me and the family. I'm starting week two and noticed some inconsistencies in the menu/grocery list. For example, day 12 had a beet salad for lunch. No beets appear on the shopping list. Day 8, today for me, has meatless spinach lasagna rolls ups for dinner - no lasagna noodles in the grocery list. And they wouldn't be leftover from the previous week, plus I gather that's not how the grocery list works. Other ingredients appear to be missing, for the week, such as a cucumber and walnuts. This is as far as I've gone in the plan, so all I have found is this weirdness in week 2. It would be inconvenient for someone to run off shopping, trusting the grocery list, then get to those meals later in the day or week and not have the items.