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Just a thought for a Possible “meal plan for busy people”?

I love the fitness Blender approach to exercise and nutrition. Very balanced and just simply healthy. My favorite workout plans are the ones for busy people as my husband and I are much more motivated to move and get that Workout Complete when we know it’s quick, complete (warmup,workout,cool down.) and all the workout planning and design has been done by qualified people. This thought made me think of the meal plan I have, I believe the Omnivore option, and how much I love it. While the variety is fantastic and it has potential to be customized for your own personal lifestyle and goals, when I follow it to a T I find I am overwhelmed with food prep for my husband and I that can’t necessarily be done in one day and ready to grab and go for the week. Also it was difficult to pack for work as most of the meals optimal taste and enjoyment were compromised when packed the night before and perhaps had to be eaten cold when no microwave was present. So just a thought I had that I would totally purchase a “Healthy meal plan for busy People” if fitness blender ever pursued that. I completely understand how productive and busy fitnessBlender has become and I also appreciate all the hard work, attention to detail, strategy and long hours that already went into the plans. I’m very grateful for the balance and nutritional education they have equipped me with that I was and still am greatly lacking. This was simply a thought I had that possibly others may purchase as well if it ever would be considered. But otherwise much thanks to fitness Blender for their encouragement and education for any person to accomplish goals of a healthier happier mind and body.