Is it healthy to set a weight target?

Let me clarify: I believe weight loss is a good thing if we are overweight, and setting goals is a good way to keep us on track.


And this is an idea for a discussion topic:

** Is setting any target weight a good idea? How will we know that target weight is healthy For Us personally? And that goes for weigh loss or weight gain **

It concerns me to see people that already lead a healthy lifestyle, that take care of nutrition and exercise, setting goals to be more silm, or to gain weight.

There are people who are naturally very slim, and are healthy that way, but that doesn't mean Anyone could be healthy with that fat%. The same goes the other way around. If a naturally thin person wants to have "more curves", setting a higher body fat % would probably not be healthy, even within the range considered healthy.

Personally, as long as we are living a healthy lifestyle, and don't have weight related health problems, the weight our body gets to is our healthy weight, and I feel like setting a target weight could potentially be unhealthy, if it is too different form our "set weight".

What do you think?