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#mealplan complete

Today is day 28 of the omnivore mealplan for me. I did not follow it completely. I ate the breakfast and lunches of the 1600 allotment and had dinner with my son and husband of the plan. The 1600 plan made it possible to have "bigger" meals at dinnertime, I averaged out on just under 2000 calories per day, 300 below maintenance. I replaced the evening snacks for a cup op warm milk, just because I enjoy it.. I also swapped ingredients because I did not want to throw out stuff. So if a meal asked for mozarella, I would use mozarella that entire week when a recipe asked for a form of cheese. I haven't had any alcohol since jan 1st.

I am happy with the results: I don't feel the urge to snack at around 4 as much, and when I do I can go for the healthier option. No snacking in the evening, even when my husband is. I quite liked not having to think about what to eat.. I've lost 2.7 kg (almost 6 pounds- 5.95) in 4 weeks.

Now the next part will be hard: keeping up with the healthy stuff without having a plan. I might see how that goes for a week and if it's hard, I will make my own plan with FB meals for a week and see if that goes better.

Left: dec 29th, right: today